Propojujeme aktivní seniory. Přibývá nás každým dnem!


SENSEN, sensational seniors is a project of Konto Bariery, one of the biggest and oldest Czech foundation. The project is designed for active seniors. We want to associate SENSEN in clubs all over the country and offer them a meaningful program of educational and cultural activities. Clubs should be a place for meetings and for community initiatives that can pull the other seniors from the shells from the comfort of their own, provoking an active interest in their surroundings and to arouse their desire to live fully.

Get involved in projects

To participate in our projects can not only newly formed SENSEN clubs but also existing and well-functioning community of seniors, committed individuals, legal entities or nonprofit organizations and civic associations who want to support our program goals, though not nominally be in the program work with seniors.

SENSEN Clubs are a joint initiative of the Charta 77 Foundation / Konto Bariéry, local senior and non-profit organizations, libraries, museums, individuals and local governments. It will be an  open club freely accessible to all.

Clubs will be formed in the early days where there are already active seniors and the connection will give them the opportunity to participate in particular  SENSEN projects, to gain a foothold and, possibly, specific support for otherwise unattainable activity. We open them the opportunity to share what they do with other seniors across the country and also receive the inspiration and assistance from outside. Finally, the gain for themselves or their loved ones to enjoy the existing projects of the Foundation to support people in need and citizens with disabilities.

Why become a member SENSEN?

  • participation in unique projects nationwide (National Chronicle, Second Life of Children's Book)
  • assistance in implementing their own ideas of members of clubs SENSEN
  • access to a comprehensive program to improve mental and physical health
  • access to counseling SENSEN (law, medicine, security, etc.)

Partneři senzačních seniorů

Hlavní partner projektu

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  • Pioneer Investments
  • Microsoft ČR
  • Sprinx Systems, a.s.
  • Ministerstvo kultury
  • Dr. Max
  • Národní muzeum
  • Globus
  • Mladá fronta
  • Česká filharmonie
  • Bluetools
  • Vecom
  • Newton Technologies
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  • Lumius
  • Sanofi
  • Pekařství Moravec
  • Tena

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